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In a crowded marketplace, it's next-to-impossible to get any attention for your book without one key thing: reviews. But how can you get reviews for your title if nobody can discover it? With some sites charging upwards of $150 for even a chance at getting a write-up, and with popular blogs taking upwards of six months to complete a review, you might feel like giving up altogether.

But don't despair. The Book People are here to help. For this gig, we will read your title (up to 10000 words) and compile an honest 250-word review which you will then be free to use as you wish. We can even post it on our website, so that you'll have a review from a professional and credible source.

Please note - we don't guarantee a good review! We value honesty. While we always make an effort to find the good qualities of a given book, we will never provide a falsely positive review. What you'll get instead is a real, detailed, honest review  - something your readers can actually trust!

If your book is longer than 10000 words, just get in touch and we'll provide you with a custom offer. We're happy to read in any genre, and can accept most formats. Any other questions? Just get in touch!

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I will read your book and write an honest 250-word review

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