I will create the perfect courage spell for you

create the perfect courage spell for you

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Description I will create a custom spell. I will send blessings your way. I will perform the spell for you.
  The courage and strength spell is customized to your personality, needs, and magickal experience. The same as the basic package, but I will do a spell to enhance your success. I will perform this spell for you.
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About This Gig

It is normal, even healthy to be afraid sometimes. However, if fear or lack of courage is getting in the way of your success, you don’t have to cower in silence. If you think that you will never be able to achieve your goals, take heart, because I will help you manifest your in-born strength.

You are strong. You are brave. You are capable.

The first step to making this a reality is to truly and absolutely want to be stronger. I provide the next step.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all spell. Yes, it is based on tried-and-true methods I have used with great success. However, this spell will custom tailored to you: your personality, your needs, your ability to perform magick, your comfort with magick, and whatever materials you may have.

I will do a reading for you before customizing your spell. I will then send you instructions, and if needed, any sigils, chants, or further advice.