I will enable your Google Voice to use VoIP on any device

enable your Google Voice to use VoIP on any device

About This Gig


  • Are you living outside the USA & are unable/unwilling to dial the local access numbers?  If so, with this Gig, you will be able to place calls via data (Cellular & Wi-Fi) instead of using your precious minutes!
  • You already have a Google Voice (GV) account & you want to be able to use it from any VoIP Device (Any Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows PC or even a physical VoIP Phone such as CISCO, LINKSYS, etc, ...
  • If you do not have a GV account then please see my other Gig.


  • I will enable your existing GV account to use SIP calling (VoIP)
  • I will provide the Server/Host name for VoIP to function correctly



  • You will enter your Google credentials into the VoIP Device
  • You will enter the Server/Host name
  • You will then be able to place/receive calls!


  • FREE calling from any VoIP Device
  • FREE phone line at home
  • FREE additional phone line on your mobile device
  • No use of your precious cellular minutes

Order Details

Add VoIP Calling

Your Google Voice Account will now use SIP to place-receive calls

2 days delivery