I will edit your videos sound

edit your videos sound
edit your videos sound
edit your videos sound

About This Gig


IMBD CREDIT LINK - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3703486/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast
Credit for sound department. What are you waiting for try us out!

This gig is only for Video audio editing.

This gig entails fixing and adjusting sound such as levels, adding effects such as compression or reverb to emulate a real room. I will polish the sound and make it sound real professional or better than what it already is.

You will get the following,

  1. Quicktime video file format.
  2. You will get a seperate WAV Stereo File or Mono file separately
  3. (Optional)
  4. You will get a separate MP3 stereo or Mono file separately (Optional)                                 

****Please Please ask any questions before you turn around to another gig, you might find what you need right here i do a lot more than what the title says.*****

Thanks, I will be fun to work with you.
What are you waiting for try us out!
Have a Great day :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you work with a project that has been created in pro tools?
    Yes, I'm currently a certified Avid Pro tools User. We own Pro tools 10, 11 and 12 so compatibility will not be an issue.
  • Can you also sync in a music track to match a music video?
    Yes, Post production is all about syncing and fine tuning audio to picture.
  • Can you raise the volume of my video or film that has a very low volume?
    Yes, audio levels is something we can totally deal with when it comes to mixing and mastering to picture(Video).
  • Do you also do mixing and mastering?
    Yes, I personally have experience as a mixing engineer and mastering engineer.
  • Can you remove background noise in my audio such as my voice?
    Yes, We as audio engineers are capable of fixing and removing noise do to the SNR Signal To Noise Ratio.
  • Can you fix or make sound better my film's dialogue audio?
    Yes, I can personally and guarantee you that we can make your audio sound better and professional.
  • Can you work with a project that has been created in logic?
    Yes, the only step you will need to take is to convert your logic's session's audio to WAV files. If you have plugins in a logic session you will have to render those setting to the tracks, so when i open those audio files in pro tools i can be able to hear the effects you rendered to the track.
  • How long would you usually take to get the job done?
    The job will get done the same day as it was requested unless you live in an other country other than the United States your time zone will be different. So please check when you order the gig because you might order at 7PM but for my zone it might be 4 AM. I live in New Jersey, United States.
  • Will you use effects such as compression, Delays, Reverb and analog warmth to my sounds?
    Yes, With over 30,000 worth of plugins and hardware gear we can take youre sound to the next level.