I will get your SINGLE reviewed on 3 music websites

get your SINGLE reviewed on 3 music websites
get your SINGLE reviewed on 3 music websites

About This Gig


    Your SINGLE or ALBUM will be professionally reviewed on 
    The Ark of Music's website, as well as these two well-established music websites:  Indie Band Guru and Middle Tennessee Music. Although the three reviews will vary, you will receive the following in the review published by us...

    (NOTE: You must select the "Album Triple-feature" upgrade below in order to have your entire ALBUM reviewed, rather than just your SINGLE.)

    • Professionally written review, (150 minimum words for a SINGLE, 300 minimum words for an ALBUM)
    • Album/single cover art
    • Artist photo
    • Embedded playlist
    • Links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, and one purchase/download link
    • We will also publish your music review in our Music-Discovery E-Newsletter (to which you will be subscribed--for FREE!).

    The reviews published by Indie Band Guru and Middle Tennessee Music will be similar in format and totally unique in content.

    Order Details

    14 days delivery

    Single Triple-feature

    Your SINGLE will be professionally reviewed on our music website and two others!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are there any GENRES that we do NOT review or feature?
      YES. Here are the genres that we do NOT review or feature: Anything overtly violent or offensive, Speed/Death Metal, Religion/Gospel, Opera. (Note: This list is subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to deny any submission at our discretion.)