I will feature your music on my music website and Enewsletter

feature your music on my music website and Enewsletter
feature your music on my music website and Enewsletter

About This Gig


  1. Your new SINGLE or ALBUM will be featured in an edition of The Ark of Music's "Instant Music Lists" on The Ark of Music's website.

    (NOTE: You must select the "Feature Your Album" upgrade below in order to feature your entire ALBUM.)

    Our Instant Music Lists are short playlists which we post regularly for ALL of our fans, so that they can connect quickly with new music! Your music will be posted to our Instant Music List using your account on SoundCloud, ReverbNation, BandCamp, or any other platform that allows for embedding playlists.

  2. The Instant Music List which contains your music will then be delivered to our subscribers via our Music-Discovery E-Newsletter---to which you will be subscribed for free! 

  3. We will also post this Instant Music List to our social media platforms! (Facebook, Twitter, Google+)

  4. If you select the "Review Your Single" upgrade below, you will ALSO receive a professionally written review of your SINGLE, containing a minimum of 150 words, published on The Ark of Music's website...
    - With embedded playlist
    - With website, social media, and purchase/download links, and more!

*** NOTE: If you want a FULL ALBUM REVIEW, see our other gigs.***

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7 days delivery

Feature Your Single

Your SINGLE featured on our website and in our Enewsletter. Upgrade below to feature your ALBUM.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any GENRES that we do NOT review or feature?
    YES. Here are the genres that we do NOT review or feature: Anything overtly violent or offensive, Speed/Death Metal, Religion/Gospel, Opera. (Note: This list is subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to deny any submission at our discretion.)