I will give you a detailed oracle or tarot reading

give you a detailed oracle or tarot reading
give you a detailed oracle or tarot reading

About This Gig

  • I use oracle and tarot to provide positive guidance. We assess blockages and break them down together using cards and intuition.

  • What I can tell you is the energy I sense within a situation and provide tools that will guide you to your own conclusions based on what Spirit (God, Your angels and Guides) brings forward.

  • I provide you positive guidance without telling you that you “have to” do something. Any decisions you make after your time with me is at your own personal discretion. I can help guide you towards a positive path but the choice lies within you. I do not make decisions for you. 

  • Intuitive consultation is not a replacement for a physician or lawyer. 

  • Order this gig if you are open to any information that may come through. If you're ready to make positive changes with straight forward intuitive advice and fresh perspective, this is the gig for you.

  • You will receive a Word Document/Messages and photos of your cards. Detailed intuitive interpretation within each document. 

  • Trust is important, your readings are treated with respect and all information is kept confidential. Documents are deleted after completion.

I look forward to working with you!
Much Love, Sherr @ The Avalon Tree