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About This Gig

Business Cards were first used as early as the 1400s! And today they're utilized in much the same way. Promote yourself and your business by having your own unique card that connects customers and contacts to you directly!

My designs will convey to the public what your BRAND is all about. And how best to reach you about job opportunities.

It's your calling card, it's what you leave behind when the job is done. Or it's what you give when services are needed.

Let me help further your branding by designing a professional and creative business card design.

Choose between my three packages and order any extras you may need.


  • This gig only deals with your card design, I don't handle any type of printing. These designs will serve as a unique-to-you template so you can print an unlimited amount of business cards whenever you want. Refer to FAQ below for printing suggestions!

Check FAQ below for further details

As a customer service professional,
I am here to answer your questions and concerns!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I use the delivered designs?
    After your JPEG and PNG files are delivered, Fiverr has various printing options for you to take full advantage of. However, Vistaprint is my number one recommended company since they can print worldwide and ship to you and a very low cost! is another great alternative to consider!
  • What is the Getty Stock Image Extra?
    For your card designs background, you can order a premium stock image from Getty Images through Fiverr for just $10! Upon ordering I will choose a relevant background image for your card based on your needs!
  • Do you provide your own backgrounds?
    YES! My vast collection of textures and stock photography is sure to impress any type of design you're looking for! Message me and we can brainstorm together about what you'll need in your design. If you have your own image to use the great! I will definitely fit it for your design!
  • Can you design international card designs?
    Yes, I can produce excellent images for customers outside of the United States, if you wish to have a different language displayed on your card, I will work closely with you until we get your design correct!
  • What is the Cropped Image Extra?
    Many personal brands ,freelancers and entrepreneurs wish to have their image displayed on their business card. Just send a photo to me, I will crop the photo into either a square or circle and place it neatly with your text on either side of the card!
  • What are the Logo & Badge design extras?
    IF you don't have a logo created I will design a custom type based logo for you. Designed in Adobe Illustrator I will create either a custom badge with your name or brand or an outstanding logo design based on your business or brand. AI,EPS and PDF provided for printing as well!
  • What is the Cartoon Monster design option?
    In addition to whichever package you ordered, I will design a VERY colorful cartoon monster design based on desired colors, Your name or info will be displayed in a cartoon-like, comic-styled bubble.