I will solve your Excel problems

solve your Excel problems
solve your Excel problems

About This Gig

If you have an EXCEL need, I can provide you with the solution.
PLEASE NOTE: It is MANDATORY that you contact me prior to ordering. Therefore any order that is placed without contacting me in advance is subject to cancellation.

  • Automation of tasks/processes
  • Macros/VBA
  • Formulas - VLOOKUPS 
  • Convert data to HTML (for e-commerce, websites, etc)
  • Find/delete duplicate records
  • Find/replace text within words/cells
  • Links - Worksheet setup
  • Complex conditional formatting
  • Dynamic content/Validation drop-downs
  • and more!

  • Google Docs/Spreadsheet & Google Apps Script

Expert consultation and service.
  • Fast turnaround --
  • Easy to work with --
  • No job too big or too small --

However PLEASE NOTE: It is MANDATORY that you contact me prior to ordering, as the complexity of some solutions are beyond the reasonable expectations of a single gig.
Also please send a sample of your data whenever possible.

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