I will give you advice on any issue

give you advice on any issue
give you advice on any issue

About This Gig

Look, Life can suck and sometimes you just need someone to help you figure some things out. I've survived the beat-downs life has handed out to me (and they've been many: death of both parents, sickness, disability, work).  And now I get to give you all my hard earned advice and insights.

Got questions about:
• Relationships
• Love
• Disputes
• Your Next Move
• A Huge Decision

I'll be your Sherpa through it all!

Life is hard, getting advice shouldn't have to be.  Come on, let's help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I seek advice for more than one issue?
    Sure! Just be sure to purchase more than one gig.
  • I need advice on LGBTQ+ issues - can I ask you?
    Absolutely! I am open to giving advice to ALL who are within the rainbow.
  • I need advice on a sexual matter - can I ask?
    Yes! Sex is important and should not be above asking questions. You have questions, I have answers.
  • I am totally terrible in the kitchen, can I ask you cooking advice?
    Of Course! I can't let you starve - ask away, you'll be cooking in no time!