I will provide you with professional career counseling

provide you with professional career counseling

About This Gig

Thank you for purchasing a career counseling session! I have a strong passion for helping others figure out how to achieve career happiness and success. Your career counseling session will be a major step toward achieving such a goal.

I am a highly educated, seasoned career services professional. I work for one of the United States' best universities, specifically for one of the best university-based career services offices in the country. Therefore, I help people figure out their lives quite frequently. I also engage with recruitment professionals from hundreds of companies, so I know what they look for when hiring.

In this gig, I will provide you with professional and personalized career counseling via a 30-minute Skype session. The following topics are suggestions for what we can discuss:

  • Choosing or changing your major or career path.
  • Job or internship search process
  • Career advancement
  • Graduate school exploration

If none of the topics above are related to your interests, you will have the opportunity to let me know what you would like your 30-minute Skype session to be focused on just after you purchase the gig. I am happy to customize your session as you would like.

Order Details

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I have my career counseling session with the Career Guru?
    After you purchase the basic gig, you will be sent a link to the Career Guru's calendar. Through this link, you will be able to select an available 30-minute time slot of your choosing.
  • I have so much I want to discuss. Can I book a session longer than 30 minutes?
    Absolutely. You would just purchase multiples of this gig. For example, if you would like one hour of career counseling, you can purchase two of this gig. When you are sent a link to the schedule to pick a time slot, just pick two 30-minute slots that are back-to-back.
  • Can I book recurring sessions? I would like to meet regularly.
    Absolutely! You are welcome to book as many sessions as you like, as regularly as you would like. If you would prefer to have a standing appointment at the same time every week every month, feel free to contact me and we will figure something out.
  • I don't see a topic of interest to me. Can we talk about something else during my Skype session?
    Yes, we can. The bullet points listed in the description are just a few ideas that might be of interest to you. If there is anything else you would like to discuss, I am able to customize your session as you would like.