I will give you 4 must have EVENT forms

give you 4 must have EVENT forms

About This Gig

Organizing events, seminars and workshops isn’t easy. Whether you’re organizing the whole event from the bottom up or just a small part of it, there’s a lot of work to be done. 

Are your documents ready—or are they getting drowned in a sea of your other commitments?

Why waste time creating these documents from scratch when you can get them here for just $5?

I’ve put together 4 invaluable professional documents that are uniform in branding and makes some of the most tedious documentation that comes with an event a breeze:

  • 2-pg checklist to ensure that you’ve finalized everything needed for a successful event
  • 2-pg sign-up sheet that coaxes potential attendees to join your email list
  • 2-pg check-in sheet that gives you your attendance rate at-a-glance
  • 5-pg feedback survey that wrings out every last bit of detail from attendees, allowing you to tweak and improve your next event

All documents are created in MS Word-simple to customize or use right away.

If you want to save time while creating a professional & uniform look, then at $5 this is a no-brainer. In fact, for just $10 extra I’ll take care of the branding. 

Make your event the most successful one yet with these invaluable forms!