I will send you my Super Mario comedy short story

send you my Super Mario comedy short story

About This Gig

Have you ever wanted to read a real text, a tale, about the Super Mario Brothers? And, specially, a comedy short story? That's what I'm offering you, in this gig.

Princess Peach has vanished - again... - but this time, Bowser is innocent. He is too busy running his own and new Heavy Metal Club downtown. Who was it, then? 

Anyway, what matters is what happens throughout the story. Luigi, Sonic, and an android named "Game Boy", who's helping Mario on his new quest, are some of the characters that make their appearance. Remember, we are dealing with comedy. I wrote freely. Mario, for example, has a little bit of a temper, here. And some unexpected, yet funny, episodes may occur! 

Give it a try ;-) Any doubts, just ask! And keep playing =)