I will be here to listen and motivate you through anything

be here to listen and motivate you through anything

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Description Let's Talk Let's Talk A Little More Lifetime Conversation
  This package is simply a Fiverr inbox conversation that will last for 24 hours. You will receive personal info on how to contact me and these session will last for a month. Same as package 2 but these sessions never run out. Contact me whenever for however long.
Delivery time 1 day 1 day 1 day

About This Gig

Lets be honest with ourselves here for a moment! We all have those days when we wish we had someone to talk to 1 on 1 without the hassle of texting friends and getting the "I'm busy right now" replies, right? Well here on Fiverr I'm offering a no excuses "Let's Talk" gig. No more subtle responses you get from a friend when they don't want to hurt your feelings. No more waiting HOURS to get a simple reply that can take 5 seconds to send. I'm here for you all. Let's Talk isn't just about exchanging words its about expressing yourself without being judged. I can motivate you and inspire you to do great things. I also can give your advice about life and help you make those tough decisions. I do not give legal advice or business advice. I am here as a distant friend in need for those who need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a psychologist?
  • Are you a consultant?
    I'm a life coach student who is in the progress of getting certified
  • How can I trust you?
    I was once in your shoes and needed someone to talk to about life and personal problems and trust was my biggest concern. Your privacy is my number 1 priority.