I will help You Learn a New Skill or Subject for 2017

help You Learn a New Skill or Subject for 2017

About This Gig

First of All, The cost of This Gig is Not $5

Learn a new skill, subject or language for the upcoming 2017.
Whether it be for yourself, school, to add on to your current skill set or to change into a new field entirely. Welcome!

This is your one stop shop to learn fields such as:

Programming / Web Design - covering all fields from basic HTML to Advance studies.
Softwares -covering over 20 different softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Maya for 3D.
Languages - with over 30 different languages to choose from, starting from basic to advance.
Mathematics - starting from basic math to calculus.
Chemistry - covering all fields such as general, bio, organic and physical chemistry.
Physics - covering all fields
Biology - covering all fields
SAT - covering English and Math
AP - covering various courses (Ask)

Seeing that this gig will need time for preparation, you are being asked to message me first for clarification of the gig, time for preparation and the final cost (which is very cheap) orders without prior consultation will be disqualified.

30% Discount for first 10 Customers

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1 day delivery