I will make you a Slingblade voiceover

make you a Slingblade voiceover

About This Gig

This is a tester to see what all you Fiverr's think! I know what everyone's going to say as I have said the same to other gig pushers in the past. However, if enough people respond with inquiries and requests, you will get to see "what's up" before any order is placed because I will put up some samples. I promise that if enough of you do respond and I put the samples up you will flip out. I can absolutely nail SLINGBLADE... so well in fact that almost every one of you, down to the man (and woman), will swear I am actually Billy Bob Thorton. So, let me know what you think!! P.S. Send me a message with your thoughts regarding what you might want SLINGBLADE to say, and to who! If the message will be made for someone just to blow their mind / make them laugh / etc., please add a little background information about the person (traits, quirks, "instances" / funny "event") so I can work that into the "message"!

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4 days delivery