I will give the most Powerful and Effective legal advice

give the most Powerful and Effective legal advice

About This Gig

What are your legal concerns? whether business, personal, career or relationship related I can give you the most efficient legal advice. Clear your mind of all doubt, ask me anything.

the basic gig(5 dollars) - I will answer TWO legal questions
for orders of over THREE questions Please message me for a Custom offer.

You will need to submit the questions along with a fact summary(up to 250 words). I will review the information and answer to the best of my ability.

I will point you in the right direction. You will know exactly how to proceed with the issue, knowing what the law is,  how to proceed and how to garner all the resources you need.
Specialties: Real estate Law/ Contract Drafting/ Trademarks and Copyrights/ LL C, Corporation and Non-Profit Formation and Governance/ Shareholder rights...  
Please message me for further details.                                                 
 Disclaimer: This gig DOESNOT create an Attorney-Client relationship.Only legal Advice will be provided.

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Provide efficient legal advice

Advice pertaining to any legal question

2 days delivery