I will introduce you to animal reiki healing

introduce you to animal reiki healing
introduce you to animal reiki healing

About This Gig

This is an introduction to the full Animal Reiki Level I Practitioner course, containing over 20 slides of information covering:

  • What is reiki
  • Benefits of animal healing
  • Animal chakras
  • Working with specific animals
  • How to give an animal reiki treatment,
  • Attunements
  • Communication with animals
  • An introduction to Animal Reiki Level II

Upon completion of the introductory course, students are able to purchase the full practitioner's course and become attuned to channel reiki, if they so wish.

Alternatively, students can buy the Intro Course at the same time as buying the full Animal Reiki Level I course. The full course includes over 70 pages of slides, guided meditations, client forms and distant attunements so you can offer reiki once attuned.

If this extra gig option is taken, the basic gig will change from receiving the introduction slides (as they are covered in more depth in the full course) to be replaced by receipt of MP3 meditations and a reiki case studies ebook instead. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be able to offer reiki by doing your introduction course?
    No - you need to be attuned to channel reiki - the attunements are part of the full Level I Animal Reiki Course available as an extra gig. You will receive over 20 pages of content from the full course, which forms your introductory guide.