I will create 5 FB ad texts and precise targeting audience

create 5 FB ad texts and precise targeting audience
create 5 FB ad texts and precise targeting audience

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  I'll create 5 appealing ad texts for your Facebook campaign. Besides ad texts I'll also create precise targeting parameters for your campaign! I'll create 7 ad texts, perfect targeting and I'll also setup the campaign via ads manager.
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About This Gig

I will create 5 appealing ad texts and/or do a vast and extensive research to create precise targeting parameters which will result in your campaign getting lowest possible CPC and excellent click-through-rate. 

I have 8+ years of experience working for an advertising agency for important clients from FCMG, music, automotive,.. so relax and focus on your business and let me do my magic!

If you only need targeting (research) - contact me for custom offer.

If you want me to manage your advertisting campaign FB ads manager or similar tool, send me a message and we'll discuss a custom offer.

Also contact me for RETARGETING guide - I can prepare it tailored to your project so you'll be able to start in no time!

Send me your brief and let's get the show on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you create ad images?
    No, I'm not a designer per-se, but I can send you a special offer and do some minor adjustments or even hire a professional designer to create what you desire
  • Will your ads drive engaments/clicks/conversions?
    Yes - I'll do a research and create perfect targeting parameters which best describe your target audience, I'm really good at this, so if you'll use my work as provided, the clicks will definitely come in! I also create texts for ads in a way that they're appealing enough for the target audience.
  • Will you guarantee sales?
    Nothing is sure, except death and taxes :) so no, I can't guarantee you sales - the successul sale is a result of many factors and ads are just a part of the equation. But nevertheless I'll do my best to provide excellent service!
  • Will you also set up and manage my ads and how you'll do it?
    I can set up if you take my Premium package and you can also order campaign management on top - I do it on a week-per-week basis and manage and update your campaigns if necessary - I make sure they're running with the best results possible.