I will critic your music for better output

critic your music for better output

About This Gig

I have for a number of years been associated with successful artistes and bands, and i have studied their successful rise and how they made it primarily through their songs. The success of an artiste is first gotten right from the studio, its very important. 

Following my musical passion and quest for perfect sound and delivery, i started my own music management company - Mharcqk Music. With my management label, i have also worked on a lot of upcoming acts and helped guide them and as it stands today, they are looking good.

We painstakingly review and analyze musical tracks with the aim of helping Artiste put out a sure project and thus reducing the risk of unacceptability or in some cases failures of musical projects. We help with the analysis of; 

  • Musicality
  • Construction and Delivery of lines
  • Back up tones and concepts
  • Video conceptualization etc.

We don't take control of your song as it is your intellectual property, we are more like the architects to make your work professional, original and refined, we take into consideration your target needs and help build that into your musical project. 

We are always available to take your order.

Warm regards
C.E.O - Mharcqk Music

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Music Critiquing

Send us your music project, we give you feedback on all aspect of your track or album

7 days delivery 3 Revisions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What languages do you review songs?
    We review songs made in English, however, for other languages we don't understand, we work with rhythm, line delivery, and other areas as requested by client
  • Can i choose what i need your analysis on?
    Yes, you can choose what area you want us to analyze
  • Do you analyze or critic videos?
    Yes we critic videos too
  • How do you receive musical tracks
    We prefer digital download