I will create Short Slogan that makes Big Change

create Short Slogan that makes Big Change

About This Gig

Only OUTSTANDING Slogan can make YOUR Brand STANDOUT. 

My name is Serena.
I'm a professional brand strategist and consultant for global agency with head office located in London. So, when it comes to branding, I know exactly what has to be done.

Let's see What I'll Do and What You'll Get for just $5.

What I'll Do >>

Step 1: Brand Model Review
I will review your brand from your website/social media/other available sources.

Step 2: Concept Formation
I'll form the concept based on your brand model.

Step 3: Slogan Creation
I'll create the most powerful, outstanding and impressive slogan.

What You'll Get >>

15 tagline/slogan options!

Order Now! And make customers see your brand the way you want them to.

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1 day delivery

Tagline/Slogan Package

You get 15 taglines/slogans within 24 hours!