I will teach you a vinyasa yoga flow

teach you a vinyasa yoga flow

About This Gig

I am a certified yoga teacher and I love doing vinyasa yoga. I would love the chance to teach you the things that I know.  I am by no means an expert...there is always room for improvement, but I have been practicing for a while. I enjoy arm balances, so I can show you how to begin the poses that can lead you to a vinyasa flow filled with handstands and fun poses.
I will use Skype or hangouts to walk you through a 30 minute, relatively fast-paced vinyasa flow that will be catered and personalized to you, the best that I can. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and there are always modifications. Regardless of your level of experience or current fitness level, I am positive we can find a flow that you will enjoy.
For $5, we can set up a time that works for us both, and start off on a yoga journey together.

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