I will do a mind whispering on a person of your choice

do a mind whispering on a person of your choice

About This Gig

This is something unique and incredibly powerful. A ‘simple’ process of subliminal messaging. Implanting thoughts into someones mind to achieve a goal of making something happen. There are a number of ways this works.

Something that is desired by the individual. or for someone else, removing or changing patterns of behavior.

Relationship healing,Traumas, Addictions, Emotional Stress

I use this technique purely for the benefit of others for meaningful changes as listed above.

Some Guidelines as to the effectiveness of Mind whispering based on feedback from existing clients who have had this done.

1. The connection and the effectiveness of reaching into someone’s mind is around 85%.

2. In those 85% approximately 75% have had the desired outcome.

3. 25% have had outcomes necessary for knowing and enabling closure of a path.

4. This takes 3 or 4 sessions to connect strongly.

5. Mind whispering is most effective when my partner and I do an astral projection and speak to the target while they are sleeping.

3 Sessions are included in the package. Done every 3 days. You are paying for time as results cannot be guaranteed, even though there is a very high success rate.


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