I will translate to 40 different languages

translate to 40 different languages

About This Gig

I translate documents from or to English, Spanish, or French, Mandarin, Chinese, Dutch Romania,. in more than 40 different languages. no matter how short or how long.No matter what document I can translate it for you.

 I charge $10 for 400-500 words and $5 for ensuring that your document is intact with the laws of copyright.

 If you want less than 400 words translated then you pay $5.

 I also ensure that the document is error free. Anything more than 500 but less than 100 words takes 3 days.

Anything more than 1000 words but less than 2000 takes 4 days. Anything over will take longer.

For the best in translations in many languages check out this service.

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2 days delivery
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