I will list All Hollywood Spec Screenplay SALES 2012 2013

list All Hollywood Spec Screenplay SALES 2012 2013

About This Gig

If you want to sell a feature film screenplay to Hollywood
you had better know who tends to buy your genre and theme.

I will give you the 2013 list of Writer's Guild of America
Speculation Screenplay Sales, complete with listings of the

Knowing this will help you send your script to just a few studios
with a higher probability of SELLING your script than money
spent sending it out randomly.  Send it to a potential BUYER!

It will even show you which agencies might be interested
in representing you, based on your genre and what they sold.

Writers can also browse the loglines and get ideas from them
since these stories were already proved "commercially viable".

Add another $5 below and I will give you the spec script sales lists
dating back to the year 2000!  ( You'll get 2000 - 2013 )

Add another $5 and you'll get 2014 sales reported as of last day of last month.