I will teach You How To SELL Your Movie Screenplay

teach You How To SELL Your Movie Screenplay

About This Gig

I have sold spec movie scripts for up to $240K
starting in 2005 when the
Hollywood buying
frenzy of the 80's was all but over, but they are
still hungry for scripts that will earn them money.

Learn From a 7-times-SOLD SCREENWRITER

        What You Need To Know

Over 99.9% of all scripts will never sell
because most scripts don't have
the simple elements that motivate a sale.

Independent Coverage is good for proofreading and catching format problems and can even tell you if your story is good.  But it cannot tell you the things your script needs to get the interest of a Hollywood studio, because those who render it really don't know!   Most Independent Coverage is usually rendered by people who have never sold a script and never evaluated a script on behalf of a multi-million-dollar buyer!

I will teach you how to ensure your script contains the requirements of a commercially marketable screenplay.