I will write a TREATMENT for your Film Script or Screenplay

write a TREATMENT for your Film Script or Screenplay

About This Gig

Buyers often like to see a TREATMENT before committing the time to read a full movie script/film screenplay. They look for 8 particular plot points which appear in virtually every commercially successful film. If your treatment doesn't show at least of them; you're in trouble.

If you don't know what those 8 plot points are, you had better not write your treatment yourself, because even if your script has all 8 points, you may not highlight them in your treatment - and then they'll never read your script.

I deliver TREATMENT which hopes to be within one page, if possible, to encourage reading. Short scripts may be only half page. Long feature scripts with complex plots may be several pages .

I only write TREATMENT from a completed script or a produced show. This is technical writing of YOUR plot elements with no copyright protection for me, so I offer no "Creative" - don't ask for input on how to make your story better.

pdf script files or youtube video links only. 

I welcome your questions! But please ...

You say there is no copyright protection for your technical writing in this gig.
So for my admission to Columbia Film MFA, I can put my name on a treatment you write?

Order Details

TREATMENT of script up to 30 pages

Treatment based on a script that does not exceed 30 pages.

5 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you write a better ending for my script?
    Yes. For $1,000
  • Can you read my script in FD or DOCX format?
    Yes. Right after you convert it to pdf