I will be an EXTESION of your sales team

be an EXTESION of your sales team

About This Gig


** Please read carefully before your order**

Do you need a sales PROFESSIONAL to work your warm, cold or hot leads?

What about someone to provide you with client testimonials or customer surveys? 

Do you need someone to set appointments in your behalf?

I am a sales and marketing specialist with over 13 years of sales experience, and lead generation. I am your business competitive advantage

Due to restrictions on business and residential calling, I am only able to call former customers or opt-in verified leads.

I can provide unsolicited, cold calling to businesses on your behalf. A valid phone number will be required and all campaigns must adhere to local telephonic sales calls regulations.

Each campaign requires one $5 gig purchase plus an extra compulsory $20. We required a minimum of one hour which equates to $25, please note that we will not delivery your gig if you only pay $5.

If you would like more time, please order additional gigs at $25 per hour. Countries included in this basic gig: USA,CA,UK,ES and IE

Please note that you need to purchase this gig $5 + the $20 extra in order for us to work in your behalf.

Order Details

4 days delivery