I will set up Google AMP on your website

set up Google AMP on your website
set up Google AMP on your website
set up Google AMP on your website
set up Google AMP on your website

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Description Setting up AMP for blog AMP + FB Instant Articles AMP + Instant Articles (custom)
  Setting AMP for 2 different templates on your website Setting AMP for 5 different templates + FB instant Articles. Custom design for AMP + Instant Articles + custom javascript and forms
Responsive Design
Seller will create a responsive design to support all devices
Include Source Code
Include source code with the delivery
Design Customization
Seller will customize the color scheme and layout of your website.
Number of Pages
Seller will add the amount of pages indicated to your website
2 5 5
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
0 3 5
Delivery Time 15 days
  Select $100 Select $300 Select $750

About This Gig

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages - Google solution for content instant loading on mobile devices.

You can read more on the project here https://www.ampproject.org/

If you are not experienced in HTML/JS semantics, you will definitely need some help with setting it up on your website. Some of the benefits of using AMP is:

  • Your website will be displayed above all the blue links, in the news carousel (check screenshot)
  • Your articles will load instantly even on slow Wi-Fi on mobile-devices.
  • Improve the user experience

Notice, that AMP is not suggested for ecommerce, but only for News websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you mean by templates in your gig?
    Templates are pages that are embedded (transcluded) into other pages to allow for the repetition of information. (Wikipedia) So a template is a uniform structure used for presenting pages on websites. For example on Wordpress, all posts use 1 template. The other template could be homepage.
  • Do you integrate AMP on Wordpress websites?
    Mostly, 90% orders on this gig concerns WP websites, so yes, I do.
  • I have found in my Google Search Console that my AMP has lots indexing errors, can you fix them?
    Yes. In most cases, after I finish the work, we will have to wait 3-7 days until Google will index correct AMP pages. Time depends on how many pages you have on your website.