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review your business plan

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Description Review business plan Business plan and strategy Business plan, strategy & coaching
  Review of your business plan and offering suggested revisions. Review of your business plan, offering suggested revisions and building strategies to achieve goals. Review and revision of your business plan, strategy and a one-on-one coaching call
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About This Gig

I'm offering business consultation online to mainly creatives and artists who want to stop getting turned down for funding and opportunities based on bad business plans/strategies. I can help discover and showcase your brilliant identity and let it shine through business writing that you need to access funds, fans and a secure future. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of experience do you have?
    I've created business plans and project plans for artist and creative businesses for eight years. As a funding program officer, I assisted artists and creative industry professionals access funding by clarifying their goals and identifying their talents.
  • What kind of things would I use a business plan for?
    Accessing funding, private investment, business partners, etc. You should also use your business plan as a living/changing document that adapts to the change in your industry and with your audience.
  • What kind of things would we talk about in a video call?
    I have a specific process I use when I talk to my clients that discovers what their unique offering is, who their potential audience is and how we can expand their network WITHOUT spending more time or money.
  • Do you have 'real' clients?
    Yes! I work in Nova Scotia, directly with artists and creatives to do exactly what I'm offering here (and more).