I will activate your Highest Life Purpose with 44 day Angelic Visitation

Incredible, INCREDIBLE reading and valuable insights. Energy is unreal. Highly recommend!!
Reviewed by fitnessgirl14 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by happyhourgirl 4 months ago
Thankyou so much! You are so great xx
Reviewed by melissagillies 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by princesselucie 6 months ago
If you're reading this then I need to let you know that this right here is the real deal. 10 stars - Bam! Flat on the table.
Reviewed by fivevibe 6 months ago
Stellar! Stellar! Stellar! Always a beautiful experience and full of anticipation with each gig! You can be sure that you are in the greatest of hands every time!
Reviewed by lmichele118 7 months ago
activate your Highest Life Purpose with 44 day Angelic Visitation
activate your Highest Life Purpose with 44 day Angelic Visitation
activate your Highest Life Purpose with 44 day Angelic Visitation

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Description ECKHART for Discovery DIANA for Actualisation MAHATMA towards Self-Realisation
  Activation Rite for Highest Life Purpose + 44-day Angelic Visitation ONLY. Basic pkg + Highest Life Purpose Reading, Masters Angelic Touch Healing with 22-day Transmission. Standard pkg + Power Places Reading + 90 mins. 13th Octave LaHoChi(R) Energy Healing.
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About This Gig

Are you ready for the BEST and most POTENT ACTIVATION of your own Precious God-Gifted Life?  

The soul has a specific PURPOSE. All do!  This Activation Rite offers the curious and weary soul HOPE & Remembrance of BELONGING. Also Aids REBIRTH to Amazing New adventures where ALL is simply Sourced from within.

It Begins with a 44-day Angelic Visitation read on...

IF you lack a sense of direction, are feeling sad, lonely, miserable I, with the Help of my Angels conferring with your Guardians and Guides will Bring Angels to your door to ACTIVATE your LIFE'S PURPOSE. 

DIVINE SURRENDER for your Life!  Ushers Big Changes, REASON. MEANING.

Send me your name, city, state, and country and your most recent photo and house numbers. After meditation and conferring with my Angelic coterie we will deploy Angels to your address for a 44 day Visitation to Activate your Life Purpose.

HOLY Offering to Courage you! 

See "Extras" below for a Full Life Purpose Revelations Reading - VERY EXTENSIVE & many say MIND BLOWING!  Provides you with a few Angelically-Suggested Career/Life Missions to try. :-) & 13TH OCTAVE LAHOCHI (R)

 All orders Receive remote Angelic Energy.  Some call it THE BRILLIANT SOUL'S SHINE. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why don't you charge $5 for your Basic gigs?
    Half of $5 is not sustainable for the time & effort I put into this thoroughly detailed & loving work. I offer exceptional value.:) This often takes a bare minimum of 1 hour of my time & often hours beyond that. I support fair trade & a lifestyle of ahimsa & only making Good karma for you, too.