I will give you a professional violin lesson masterclass per video

give you a professional violin lesson masterclass per video

About This Gig

Hi, and welcome! As you will have seen from the title, this is conceived as a one-off gig, so you have no "monthly, weekly" fees etc.
What you have is a chance in a lifetime to be heard and coached  by a master violinist on whatever aspect of your playing that you wish.

This can be personal coaching on a piece of music you are working on, it can be a personal session dealing with a particular technical problem you have. It can, in effect, be personal coaching on whatever problem or musical issue you have.

How does it workl? It works exactly as if you were having  personal instruction from a master violinist. You go to the teacher, you play, he corrects and tells you what and how to practice then sends you away to do so. This gig is exactly the same, except by video.
Your own private session with a real professional violinist, not some amatuer selling stuff on the internet that will not help you.

Every student ordering this gig will also receive a FREE copy of my ebook "How to Improve your Violin Playing:Fast", which is for sale on amazon! you can decide kindle, epub etc or pdf format!