I will give you a string kit for your song

give you a string kit for your song

About This Gig

This gig is after a request. The basic gig $25 covers three "scales" on the violin, with your feeling ... (this is important, I need your mp3 to have the feeling of your music, otherwise one cannot play the strings that match the song)

perfectly recorded wav files for you to cut and paste, mix and build as you wish.

You know the story. You have a song. You make a gig for an "artist" to provide you with strings, or something, and, it is not what you were looking for.
This gig is: I will provide you with string scales and articulations (see gigs) for your song. You tell me,

 "I need long slow bowed strings in the key(s) of G,D,Emin A, D7... and I need staccato... can you do this? And, not a sample library, can you do this in the feeling of my song?"
And, I provide you with exactly what you asked for. for you to mix,  as you can/will/need.

As far as I know this is the only provider of this service. And everything recorded in top 24bit pristine quality?
Just tell me what you need, and we can work it out.