I will play a 30 second ad on my wrestling podcast

play a 30 second ad on my wrestling podcast

About This Gig

We at BoredWrestlingFan present a weekly podcast and now we’re offering you the chance to have a commercial played played half way through the show during our break, for one month. You’ll get four advertisements played for just $5. Soon we’ll be offering the chance to have a full sponsorship but right now it’s just a 30 second slot.

Our website has over 10,000 unique views per month and our podcast is both live and on demand meaning that you have access to two audiences. We’re working on deals with our partners to increase our audience even more which means server costs are going to go up.

We hope to offset that cost while at the same time doing something good for you. We’ll advertise pretty much anything and will either play a 30 second advert you come up with, or just come up with an advert for you. One of our hosts is a published author who can come up with the perfect ad for you. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to get some cheap advertising to lots of people. No one can buy what you’re selling if they don’t know it exists. So buy an ad today with BoredWrestlingFan. Remember, you get a MONTH of ads. That's FOUR shows! This is a deal you don’t want to miss