I will make a funny picture of yourself

make a funny picture of yourself

About This Gig

I will make a funny picture of yourself, of your children or your friends. 
I can introduce you in a magical world or if you have an obsession or something that you really like , I can make an interesting photo of that. You can tell me what exactly you want or you can let me surprise you. 

I can put you in a bowl of candy, I can put you near the Eiffel Tower,  I can put you in a flower, I can put you playing with a monkey and more! Depends on your preferences!

For good results, please let me choose the background or if you want to choose it by yourself please make sure that your pictures can be put together untill start an order.

You have only to tell me what do you want, your obsession/favorite thing and I will tell you what picture I need. Picture can have any background. Than you will send me your picture and I will start working .

Thank you and I'm looking forward to work with you.