I will clean up your audio recording within 24 hours

clean up your audio recording within 24 hours

About This Gig

Have a recording with too much noise, hiss, clicks, pops, buzz, hum, or CRAP ????

You'll be glad you found me!

I am a full-time musician and industry professional of over 15 years.  I work with music & audio for a living I'm happy to help in any way I can.

I can accept ANY audio recording, in ANY format, clean it up as best as state-of-the-art modern software and technology will allow, and send it right back, in ANY format required.  Order this gig if you need to...

• Remove unwanted noise
• Eliminate feedback
• Level out harsh clipping
• Boost & equalize quiet speech, dialog, nature sounds, etc.

No problem!

Just send me a link to your audio recording (up to 5 minutes), briefly describe your issues with the recording, let me know what file format you need, and I'll handle the rest.

Thanks for checking out this gig!

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