I will master your song in less than 24 hours

master your song in less than 24 hours
master your song in less than 24 hours

About This Gig

Hi there! I'm offering to MASTER your mixed down audio, making it ready for uploading, sharing and pressing to CD, cassette or vinyl !

Mastering is a process that involves taking a stereo audio file and using things like EQ, limiting and compression to smooth out the rough edges & bring the overall volume up.

This is an essential process, not to be confused with mixing.  I often explain the recording process using what I call the Cookie Analogy™:

Step 1 - Tracking.  You gather all the ingredients you need for your song: Drums, guitar, bass, vocals, butter, flour, sugar.  You throw all those ingredients together into your mixing bowl

Step 2 - Mixing.  You mix up all the song ingredients with a raw egg until they blend together, and spoon them into a pan... which today represents your next album

Step 3 - Mastering.  You bake the cookies to delicious golden brown perfection, your music is ready to be consumed!

Each Gig ordered is one song.  I will provide you with an mp3 file and up to 3 revisionsIt is ideal your mix has ~4db of headroom at its loudest point before mastering.

Please purchase additional Gigs for more songs!

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