I will record original loops and samples on my drumset in 48 hours

record original loops and samples on my drumset in 48 hours

About This Gig


I'm a full-time drummer who has been playing the drum set for close to 20 years. That's almost 40 years!

I can record and send you some real, authentic, genuine, guaranteed 100% original drum samples with my Yamaha Stage Custom drums and Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Wuhan cymbals.

I record in my home studio based out of Denver, CO with Logic X using professional-grade microphones, preamps & converters.

I love playing rock & metal, funk, jazz, latin & afro-cuban, death metal, hip hop, electro, trap, go-go, you name it, I play it.

I record using 8 channels:

• Kick
• Snare Top
• Snare Bottom
• Tom 1
• Tom 2
• Tom 3
• Overhead L
• Overhead R

I record at 44.1k and provide 16-bit files, but I can deliver in any format if you have another preference.

For just $5 I'll record you a minute's worth of beats, loops, and one-shot hits in mp3 format.  If you purchase an extra, I'll provide a WAV, add some processing & FX for extra shine, make you your very own custom sample pack, and more!

Every gig is made-to-order and guaranteed 100% original and royalty-free! Go nuts!

Thanks for checking out this gig and I look forward to working with you!