I will give a one page critique of your screenplay for $5

give a one page critique of your screenplay
give a one page critique of your screenplay

About This Gig

After impressing an independent filmmaker with a pitch of my own story, he sought me out to write the script for an idea he had. While the film fell through due to financing, it was an invaluable experience. I was able to pick the minds of people who actually work in the industry, some whose films you've probably seen. I know what producers, agents, and directors are looking for in screenplays. I know proper story structure, formatting, and have an ear for great dialogue. In 2014 my screenplay was one of only around 900 scripts to be read three times in the Nicholl Fellowship competition. In 2015 I made the Quarter Finals of the Shore Scripts competition.

For five bucks, I'll read up to twenty pages of your script. Each gig will get you twenty more pages. Anything 80 pages and over will cost you twenty dollars, with no limit on how many pages after that. You'll receive at least a page of helpful critiquing. 

In addition, I'll write a short log line for your script, something that every screenplay needs. This is the short attention grabber you would use in an inquiry letter when trying to find representation/a producer. 

I'm doing two gigs for one! You won't find a better deal.