I will conduct a Linked Profile Analysis

conduct a Linked Profile Analysis

About This Gig

Whether you need a Linkedin make-over to appeal to a new career path or need to spruce it up from everything from your bio to professional groups you should be following an engaged in. I will do a complete 360 professional analysis of your Linkedin profile and the current markets you appeal to and provide you a detailed findings report with a task roadmap to exactly how and what to do to improve it to improve the appeal and growth of your Linkedin profile. This will help you gain more opportunity whether it is sells, new network introductions, or boosts your credibility as a thought leader in your market. You state your visions, goals and how you want to be perceived in this professional online ecosystem and I will analyze and report to exactly how to accomplish it.

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Linkedin analysis and report.

I will conduct an analysis and write a detailed report on how to improve your Linkedin profile.