I will help you process your EIN number

help you process your EIN number
help you process your EIN number

About This Gig

The EIN (Employer Identification Number) identifies the persons that sell products from USA, but reside in another country. For example the sale of eBooks from a digital book distribution platform.

It’s only necessary if you want to put your eBook on sale to the whole world.

In the platform where you have or will publish your eBooks. There’s a section about your tax data and that’s where you have to enter the EIN number. Once it’s done, the retention rate due to sales is much smaller. For a European it would be from a 30% to a 5%.

The EIN number is forever, it’s not necessary to renew it. And it works for all the digital book distribution platforms based in the USA.

I help you process the application.

When you get it, you only have to enter the number in the profile of your tax data (distribution platform)

To get it I need your personal data and postal address (that’s where they’ll send the number by postal mail)

It took to arrive 3-6 months

If you like in a week, take the gig extra

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your EIN number

Help you process your EIN number

  • 1 Hour of Work
7 days delivery unlimited Revisions