I will be your database SQL, MongoDB programmer or tutor

be your database SQL, MongoDB  programmer or tutor

About This Gig

I as a Software programmer always enjoyed working on databases and this interest has made me to achieve sql certification from oracle and also I like sharing my knowledge on sql scripting to others. I even do database programming and can also teach database programming. I am skilled in SQL Server, Mysql and Oracle databases. The topics I can cover are the ones below
  • Introduction to database objects.
  • Create database objects
  • introduction to SQL scripting.
  • DML, DDL, DCL statements
  • Ways to Insert records to a table
  • Types of data retrieval , filtering and grouping.
  • Types of data cleanup and deletion.
  • Different types on joins.
  • Different types of data merging.
  • Different types of data constraints.
  • Introduction to procedures and Functions.

$5 is for 1-2 simple query helps. Complex and short or long term assignments will differ as per the work load