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be your software programmer

About This Gig

I can be your software programmer in the below technologies

1). .NET, C#, ASP.net , MVC
2). Angularjs , REST api
3). Winforms, Web Applications, Services and console apps
4). WCF, Web Services Applications
5). Mysql and Sql server programmer
6). Javascript, html, CSS developer
7). SMS applications

Our Works
1).  eWatts:
This is an angularjs application that can show various reports related to the power consumption in hotels in london. This is for one of our customers in Uk.

2). yesYUMyes : This is a SMS service application that can send and receive SMS from a given mobile number and can do various actions based on the received texts as sms. This is done using a dongle connected to one of the ports of the windows machine.

3). HTML2PDF :This is a service based app that can convert a given html to PDF.

4). ePDF : This is an online store for ebooks in the form of PDF where the users can download them.

5). Sirway : This is a web application which conducts a survey and generates a report based on the answers by the users and has options to download the report as PDF ect.

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