I will professionally master your song

professionally master your song
professionally master your song

About This Gig

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File Preparation

• 24bit WAV/AIFF files
• Submit audio peaking at -6dB
• If you're using a an EQ, limiter or compressor on the master bus, send me a dry version as well

What does mastering do?
• Gives your song the chance to be listened to by an objective professional, in a great environment.
• Ensures that the song will sound great everywhere 
• Detailed EQ
• Multi-Band Compression
• Noise Reduction
• Adds warmth
• Increases stereo width
• Increasing clarity and the low-end punch that may be missing from your mixes

There will be:
• No presets used, every song is mastered based on its needs
• Free dithering for files that are of 24bit or higher bitrate
• Radio-ready volume maximisation without squashing the dynamics.

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There is one gig for mastering: this one. Check extras for more.

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