I will teach you mixing, recording and production for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
teach you mixing, recording and production
teach you mixing, recording and production

About This Gig


With years of experience in the music industry, as a producer, recording and mixing engineer, I have the know-how of achieving a great mix with the tools you ALREADY have within your digital audio workstation. There's no need to buy extra plugins to become better at mixing.

I use mostly Logic Pro X and Reaper, but these lessons are not DAW specific.

We can cover any topic you want, such as session management, balancing a track, static vs dynamic mixes, LCR panning (pros and cons), subtractive vs additive EQ, plugin chain order, compression, automation, hybrid workflows, Logic Pro X tips n tricks, audio editing, instrument comping, secrets to getting 80% of the mix done in a short time-span etc.

Additionally, we can discuss recording techniques, from mic choice and positioning, to acoustics, to how to achieve various out-of-the-box sounds.

We can cover production topics as well, such as bringing the best out of a song; how to inspire the musicians; condensing a song that lacks focus and so on.

This gig is for an 10 minute lesson. You need 6 gigs for an hour long session .

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Tiki Horea

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