I will auto Tune anything

auto Tune anything
auto Tune anything

About This Gig

If you send me a voice or anything else that tickles your fancy. I will Auto-Tune it to the key and scale of your choice.  Up to 1 minute. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can also pitch it up or down with a range from chipmunk to barry white. You can choose KEY, SCALE, or send me a MIDI file with notes to constrain the voice to, BPM as well. If you don't know or care what "key, scale, or MIDI file" are, then let me know and I'll pick what I think sounds best. Looking forward to Auto Tuning your tracks.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I will send you a MP3, AAC, or WAV file. AAC/MP3 are good for most applications. Done in Pro Tools 10 Pro Tools 210 Certified ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tilted Axis Recording

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