I will critique Your Music Mix or Master

critique Your Music Mix or Master

About This Gig

About Me: I'm a professional audio engineer with over 9 years experience in the audio industry. I have experience in state of the art studios, and run my own studio. I have experience mixing and mastering many genres, except death metal. Most of my experience is in Funk, Rock, Acoustic, Hip-Hop, Folk, and Blues. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I will give you an exceptional critique of your mix/master. I will give suggestions on your overal EQ settings, Levels, usage of effects, panning. Maybe tips on some creative use of automation in your mix. ~~~~~~~~~~ I'll comment on your individual instruments tone, and wether it can be fixed or if you should probably re-record it. ~~~~~~~~~~~ I have a BA in Science of Sound Arts, Pro Tools 210 Certified, Logic Level II Master Pro Certified, and am fluent with Cubase, Reason, and Recycle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't Forget to Click the "Collect" Button. ~~~~~~~~~~ Have a great day. Tilted Axis Records.

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