I will master 1 minute of music

master 1 minute of music

About This Gig

Professional Audio Engineer will master your song. I have experience producing, recording, mixing, and mastering in state of the art studios. BA in Applied Science of Sound Arts. Pro Tools Certified 210. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mastering your music can get it that clean, flowing, high fidelity sound, and make it sound better on a wider platform of systems. This includes 1 song, if you want the whole album done, still $5 per minute. Mastering will make your music louder, but that is not the main goal. Radio Ready is also a false term, anything sent from radio is compressed and made the same loudness automatically (like Sound-Check). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Make sure your song is mixed the way you like it, with no inserts on the master channel.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can do Stem Mastering, just note that it's $5 per minute per stem. This is pro grade work, you get what you pay for.  My work has been on international radio.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tilted Axis Records ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't Forget to Click the "Collect" Button

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