I will be your session drummer

be your session drummer
be your session drummer

About This Gig

$10 for 30 seconds of song time.  Contact for loops.  I will play to your song, or make you custom drum loops.  I specialize in FUNK & HIP-HOP. I can also do COUNTRY, FOLK, ROCK, R&B, BLUES, JAZZ.  NO METAL/HARD ROCK. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I can give you a loop in WAV or REX formats.  REX is the format used in REASON and is accepted by many other DAWs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Or I can play to your whole song, and send you a stereo stem file, or each drum individually. This is 2 gigs per minute. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  I can process the drums too if you wish, to your specifications. I am also a pro audio engineer, my work has been on international radio.  Contact before choosing gig extras to be sure I can deliver on time.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please contact me with any questions. Tilted Axis Recording ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't Forget to Click the "Collect" Button ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Professional Audio Engineer, Pro Tools Certified, 17 years drumming experience. Microphones used are e902, 421, e904s, SM57, MA-101SP, AT4050s, K47, sub kick.

Order Details

$10/30 Seconds

$20 for each minute of song time. Contact for loops. And some stuff to play with.

  • Up to 30 Seconds
  • Commercial Use
7 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you deliver all drums tracks separately?
    YES. Kick, Snare and the rest be come in separate tracks.