I will make your WPAP Potrait

Perfect, couldn't have asked for better. Will definitely be looking to get more made in the future, highly recommended.
Reviewed by tcartist 5 months ago
make your WPAP Potrait
make your WPAP Potrait
make your WPAP Potrait

About This Gig

Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness... 

Therefor it will be lovely if you give a WPAP as a special gift for someone you love 

and I will helping you to drawing your photo into a full color images..

~  BASE PRICES FOR Greyscale ( Blank & white) WPAP : $5  ~

BASE PRICES FOR Color WPAP : $20 (Head to Shoulder) for One Character.

Read first before ORDER
1. BASE PRICES FOR Greyscale WPAP/Character : $5
2. BASE PRICES FOR Colour WPAP/Character : $20
2.  Send high resolution and good quality picture of you (not blurred, overcast, night shots, photo taken from a far or face covered by hand or objects)
3. If Picture have more than one character pl. specify clearly whose wpap you want to make.
4.  Only  draw exactly like the photo, and can't make different pose or expression
5.  Only draw from HEAD TO SHOULDER, but if you purchase extra gig i will draw you full body.
6. Delivered size 500X700 pixel, 150 dpi